Gillian Bathe     Teaching


In my teaching I  attempt to use art, crafts and technology to encourage :

-observation and wonder.

-independence of thought, playful exploration,invention and self confidence

-respect and appreciation  of  the environment and each other

To reflect upon and  make sense of

other curriculum areas

New Forest dawn

hoof-print ice

-It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil

crushed. Gerard M Hopkins

Free form Polyhedra

On this site is is possible to view ongoing records of children’s art. This is primarily intended for the pupils’ benefit.

This is intended to encourage and to communicate.  It is vital  to understand that small and insubstantial pieces will be included. There may be many reasons for the paucity.

Perhaps the child has only had 10 minutes owing to a music lesson.

Maybe  this was the first of several attempts.

Sometimes the absence of a name means that only the pupil will know who’s work it is.

At times I will include my comments to the individual.

Ultimately the images are the individual’s business. I may make suggestions and comments but my main concern is that the person should be doing his/her best. The idea of comparison is both destructive and short sighted. We all see the world in different ways that is one of the intriguing things about paintings. We all have a unique  view point , whether we respond in a predictable and conventional manner or not.

I expect to offer the children a raft of different media and techniques with which to find their preferred means of response and expression.